Consultation / Patch Test £35. Payable on day of consultation. Fully refunded on day of treatment.

Eyebrows: £395 (includes 2 sessions)
Eyeliner: (bottom) £200 (includes 2 sessions)
Eyeliner: (top) £250 (includes 2 sessions)
Eyeliner: (Top and Bottom) £400 (includes 2 sessions)
Lip liner: £350 (includes 2 sessions)
Lip liner with blush: £400 (includes 2 sessions)

Full Lip: £500 (includes 2 sessions)

Please note that you must have your 2nd treatment session within 2 months of your first treatment and that if any further sessions are required there will be a charge of £35 per session to be used within 3 months of your 1st treatment. I also offer a special Top-Up rate exclusively for my clients, of £150 on Eyebrows, Liner or Lips. If more than one session is required, £35 is charged per session up to 3 months from the Top-Up treatment.

Beauty Spot: £50 (not eligible for discount)

Payment Details: Cash or Card payments only please

Fee payable on day of treatment

Gift Certificates available for all treatments

Please contact me for more detailed information on prices

"In certain circumstances, i.e., if mobility is a problem, or you need to protect your anonymity, a "Home Visit" can be arranged. Please contact me for further information."