Testimonials and Celebrity Endorsements

Rebecca Caine, International Opera Singer - Eyeliner and Eyebrows. 2013

"I can't recommend Jan Jordan highly enough. Jan's calm and kind manner and her exquisite eye for detail, produced wonderful results. I love my eyebrows and eyeliner and will be making this part of my beauty routine forever."



Rosemary Ashe, West End Singer and Actress. London. 2014

I'd noticed in photographs that my lips were getting thinner and so took the leap and had them tattooed. Jan did a wonderful job; explained every step of the treatment and I am very pleased with the result. I won't pretend it wasn't a little painful initially, but Jan's calm manner and smooth dexterity got me through it easily. I now don't have to worry about wearing lipstick as I have lovely defined lips with a cracking Cupid's bow! I am recommending Jan Jordan to all my friends.



Janice Hopwood. Haslemere, Surrey. 2017.

Microblading Review for Jan Jordan
"As someone else has said in their review, from the moment you meet Jan you are at ease. For myself it was for eyebrows - I have thyroid disease and lost the outer two-thirds, plus any growth is sparse and doesn't grow in the right direction. At our first consultation Jan listened to my requirements and made suggestions; drawing an outline which she recommended, initially in eyebrow pencil, so I could go home and think things over. Once agreed I attended for my first session. Jan painstakingly measures the proposed outlines and at every step shows you what she has done so you can see and approve the work. I had microblading, which was a little eye-watering, but you can have anaesthetic cream. Even without the cream the discomfort didn't actually last long. It all depends on your own pain threshold levels. After the first session, where Jan lays down your shape and colour, you allow about a month for the work to settle down. A care pack is provided and if you are religious in your daily care you shouldn't have any problems with healing. I barely had any after effects and practically hardly any stabbing, which is the sign of a job well done. I returned a month later for touch-up work and some minor changes, although we agreed to darken the colour in my case. I am thrilled with the result and every day have to admire them, plus the fact that I no longer have to mess around drawing eyebrows in. This was definitely worth every penny and I can highly recommend Jan, she has changed my life."

Fiona Wells. Farnham, Surrey. 2017.

Microblading Review for Jan Jordan
"I went to Jan Jordan for micro blading and I am really pleased with the results. My eyebrows look so natural and the shape is perfect. It saves me so much time in the morning not having to do them myself! Jan is really professional and makes you feel very relaxed when having them done and it didn't hurt much at all. Highly recommend!"

Lucy Brisley. Ashford, Kent. 2017.

Microblading Review for Jan Jordan
"What can I say?! From the moment you step through the door, Jan makes you feel instantly welcome. During the consultation she listens carefully to exactly what you want and is empathetic and caring. The procedure doesn't hurt at all as she is so gentle and the results are out of this world!! The result is so natural, even if you have lost hair due to illness. I would recommend Jan to anyone- a lovely lady who delivers beautiful results."

Gloria Smith. Hampshire. 2017

Microblading Review for Jan Jordan
"Hi Jan, just a short note to let you know how delighted I am with my new eyebrows. They are still intact and in place and I can't believe what a difference they have made. In the morning I glance in the mirror (ugh!) and find I have a face whereas before it was an egg. Thanks so much. I'll be back when they need a redo in however long it is."

Sue Baker. Midhurst, West Sussex

Here's a voicemail testimonial left by a very happy client!

Lorraine Smith. Camberley. 2017

Microblading Review for Jan Jordan
"I was quite nervous about having my eyebrows microbladed, as I really didn’t know what to expect. Jan has such a calming, professional but friendly manner which soon puts you at ease. She explains the whole procedure to you, and will also draw the eyebrow shape she thinks will suit you. I was 100% happy with the shape she chose for me, however she did ask if I wanted to change anything but I didn't need to as they were perfect. I am delighted with the outcome, and my friends have made lots of lovely comments too. I would definitely recommend Jan without any hesitation. Thank you for my new improved and fabulous eyebrows, I love them!"

Isla Carter. North London. 2017

Eyebrow Tattoo Review for Jan Jordan
"I love my new eyebrows! Jan is an expert in her field and a real artist, she puts you immediately at ease with her calm, kind manner and obvious knowledge. Trusting someone to tattoo your face is a scary prospect but not with Jan. I absolutely love the natural defined results and can see this being a process I will continue for the rest of my life. I was always someone who would not leave the house without my 'eyebrows on', now I happily forget to wear make up and still feel presentable. I've had some lovely comments from friends but usually they can't put their finger on what is different - that I just how I hoped it would be, the results are subtle and natural but still evident. I would recommend microblading to all but personally I would only trust Jan now to carry out the treatment on me."

Annette Power. London. April 2017

Eyebrow Tattoo Review for Jan Jordan
"Hi Jan, As you know I would not trust my face in many people's hands as I only want the best treatments and the best people to do those treatments. Having trained you I know how good you are! How professional and how lovely you are. I wanted to thank you for doing my full lips last month. They look amazing. I didn't feel a thing. They healed beautifully. All I need is tiny bit of lip gloss and I am good to go. See you for the top up! Kind regards, Annette Power"

Annette Power Ltd
117 Harley Street
London W1G 6AS
020 7224 0012

Sarah Ashcroft. Esher, Surrey. April 2017.

Eyebrow Tattoo Review for Jan Jordan
"Dear Jan, Thank you very much for the fantastic job you did on my eyebrows last week & for your calm & reassuring manner. Thank you for your preparations, care, artistic design and attention to detail - all brilliant. Anyway Jan, the brows are fab & I've had lots of compliments. My brows seem to be doing very nicely, still healing but looking quite strong and I haven't had any problems whatsoever. Makes a huge difference to my appearance even without makeup. Brilliant! Thank you Jan & I look forward to seeing you again at the end of May. Kindest regards, Sarah "

Fiona Antczak. Farnborough. 2017

Eyebrow Tattoo Review for Jan Jordan
"Thank you Jan for the most natural looking brows. At the first consultation, you listened to the image I wanted and advised me as to what treatment would be the best. You put me totally at ease, and I was totally confident in how I would finally look. It's very difficult to describe, and it's meant as a wonderful compliment, but my brows are so natural, no one comments on them. X"

Mary Beaumont. Grayshott. 2017

Eyebrow Tattoo Review for Jan Jordan
"Hi Jan. I would like to thank you so much for my beautiful eyebrows, I can't stop looking at them. The shape and colour looks natural and perfect. I was so apprehensive and nervous but you put me at ease right away. I will be highly recommending you to my friends and family. Best wishes, Mary"

Ruth Shilcott. Guildford. 2016

Eyebrow Tattoo Review for Jan Jordan
"Hi hon, Just to say that my brows look fab and I have seen a few friends that have theirs done in Guildford. I can say mine look so much better. You go to the best, you get the best. Thank you so much. Take Care. X"

Amanda Talbot. Surrey. 2016

Alopecia Totalis Eyebrow Tattoo Review for Jan Jordan
"I have had alopecia totalis for over 15 years and lost all my eyebrows about 8 years ago. Until last summer I was drawing mine on daily and using hairspray to set until I read about Jan and her mineral tattoo for eyebrows. I visited Jan in May 2015 for a patch test and consultation and knew from the moment I met her I was in very safe hands indeed. Jan reassured me that she would only create a natural look in the shade of my natural hair colour (dark brown as I wear a real hair wig.) After my first treatment and then a follow-up one a couple of weeks later I can honestly say I have never ever had such a life changing experience. I feel more like a woman, I get complimented on my eyebrows (who would have thought that!) and the impact on my self confidence and overall happiness is huge...one could ask how could so much be associated with having eyebrows? Believe me, they frame your face and look absolutely beautiful when created as naturally as Jan does. I went today for a top up and slight enhancement to the original shape and I know they look gorgeous. Jan is kind, understanding, patient (I am a nervous patient) wonderfully funny and warm and absolutely brilliantly skilled at what she does. I would recommend anyone to Jan, especially women who feel their eyebrows aren't looking their best or like me where they don't have any at all. One year on from my original treatment and it was and still is life changing. Thank you Jan!"

Christine Cater. Haslemere. Surrey. 2016.

Eyebrow Tattoo Review for Jan Jordan
"Jan has done an excellent job again, her work is perfection and also has a very kindly manner. I always feel comfortable and totally trust her work on my eyes. i have come away feeling good about myself. I definitely recommend Jan Jordan to anyone who may need treatment."

Mandy Carr. Chichester, West Sussex. 2016

"Hi Jan, I didn't know it was possible to achieve perfection, but you've managed to surpass perfection with my eyebrows! Please use my testimonial, in fact I would be happy if a future client wanted to contact me personally. You have done a fantastic job and I am still very pleased. XX"


Elena D. London.  2015

"Jan has done an amazing job. I really love my new eyebrows, they're exactly how I wanted them. Jan was very knowledgeable about Semi Permanent Makeup. I'm happy that I have chosen her. Will recommend her to all of my friends!"

Jade Gani. Surrey.  2015

Jan is exceptional at her work and has done a brilliant job with my eyebrows; I was guilty of over plucking them and failing each time to find a decent shape. Jan has transformed my face with extremely natural looking new eyebrows. My friends always ask to touch them as they can't quite believe they are tattooed! I recommend her to everyone. If you are worried about discomfort, don't be; Jan is very gentle and I actually found the whole experience rather relaxing. Thank you Jan!

Amanda Talbot. Surrey.  2015

"Jan is simply fantastic. From my first appointment to my last, Jan made me feel secure and happy with every stage of the treatment on my eyebrows. She has created such gorgeous brows for me and I am totally delighted with the results. None of the procedures hurt at all and the healing process was really easy and straightforward. I would recommend Jan to anyone, she is a lovely lady who genuinely cares about her clients and delivers the best brows in the business."

Elaine Sibley. Godalming, Surrey. 2015

"I have had so many compliments since Jan did my eyebrows and I am delighted with the difference they have made to my looks. I can't praise her highly enough. Jan made the whole process so straightforward and enjoyable."


Laura Harvey. Guildford, Surrey. 2014.

“Hi Jan, I woke this morning and looked at my lovely eyebrows. I am thrilled. I am most grateful to you and the way you have kept me posted has really helped me to feel relaxed and happy throughout the process. From start to finish, a really positive experience, starting with my first appointment, when I had a patch test and chat with you, to my deciding to go ahead. At no time have I felt rushed or pressured into a decision. You have always answered any queries I have had and at all times you have been professional, informative and friendly. The aftercare notes and pack are also very helpful and very much appreciated. I would and will recommend you Jan to friends and family, you are fab! The final result has made such a difference to me. I had not realised how much I have missed my eyebrows! Thanks Jan. X”

Carol Webb. Camberley. 2014 (see video)

I was very apprehensive before getting this done. I was very shy, having no hair on my eyebrows and scared about whether it would hurt and if it would look nice, but when I went for the consultation with Jan, I realised I couldn’t have found a better person for the job. She was friendly, kind. On the day of my treatment Jan explained everything as she went, making sure I was happy at every stage right until the end. After having it done my eyebrows look fantastic, but that doesn’t compare to how much I’m smiling now. I’m so much happier and anyone thinking of having this done, needs to have a consultation with Jan and they won’t look back. Thank you Jan. Xx

Mrs Kayser. Surrey. 2014

"I have recently had my eyebrows enhanced by Jan Jordan, at The Hartley Clinic. They have been enhanced previously, on 3 separate occasions by other practitioners in London, but I can honestly say Jan has performed the most accurate and natural enhancement to date. I am exceedingly pleased with the result and would recommend Jan to anyone who is considering this procedure. Jan is calm and reassuring and immensely knowledgable in Micropigmentation. 10 out of 10 Jan!"

Gwendalyn Webb. Camberley, Surrey. 2014

My mum had her eyebrows done with Jan. My mum had no eyebrow hair at all before. After having this done she looked 20 years younger! We couldn’t be any happier with the service, the result and the process, everything was flawless. My mum’s eyebrows now look natural and open her face up. She looks so fresh and the smile she has as a result of having it done is priceless. I would recommend Jan to everyone if I could! For anyone having doubts, just go for a consultation and Jan’s lovely nature will reassure you no end! Thank you Jan. xx

Jane Allen. Petersfield. 2013

"At the age of 53, I had been thinking of having my eyebrows tattooed for well over a year, but worried that it may not suit me and I would regret it. I had been given Jan's details by my beauty therapist and even carried the leaflet in my bag for several weeks before phoning her. However, from the first point of contact Jan completely reassured me and we arranged our first consultation appointment together. After one patch test and two actual treatments, I am just so pleased with the results ! The after care she gives is amazing too as Jan is always on the end of a text, email or phone at any time. The treatment is not painful at all and I actually fell asleep during my first session!" My new eyebrows have totally opened up my eye area and the only comments I have received from people who didn't know are 'I have never noticed before how well you shape your eyebrows'! I would totally recommend Jan to anyone who is thinking of getting this treatment done and my only regret is that I didn't meet her years ago!"

Jan Keen. Surrey.  2013

"Thank you so much for the fantastic service you provided. It was so much more convenient for me to attend Jan Jordan rather than travel to London and I am delighted with the results."


Jally Demilecamps. Surrey.  2013

"I find Jan utterly charming and professional. I love my eye liner and my lips look so much fuller. I have two clients whose eyebrows were done by Jan, totally natural! Thank you Jan. xxx"

Silvana Di Palma. Surrey.  2013

"Jan has a great aesthetic sense. You receive detailed advise on how the shape and colour of your eyebrows harmonize with your skin and hair, so your eyebrows will look natural.I have never regretted having my eyebrows done and have had no problems or complications. The results were even better than I had expected. You can definitely trust Jan Jordan."

Nicky Harding. Guildford, Surrey.  2012

"I love my new eyes. I dont have to get up every day and do my eyeliner, and worry about it smudging, or fading away during the day. People have also commented that I somehow look different, but can't put their finger on it. My eybrows look so natural. I love them. Thanks Jan. I received a very professional service, and was made to feel relaxed and special."

Marion Downer. Guildford, Surrey.  2012

“Dear Jan, I just want to say thank you for the wonderful work you’ve done on my lips….. I can’t stop looking in the mirror as they look so lovely, and fuller. Beautiful, relaxing clinic. Keep up the great work.“

Diana Hutton. Guildford, Surrey. 2012

“This is my first time of having my eyebrows done, as I am absolutely pleased with the results. Jan has done an amazing job with my eyebrows. I no longer have to worry about wiping my face at the gym, or after swimming, and messing up my eyebrows. Jan has given me the perfect long lasting eyebrow shape I’ve always longed for. I highly recommend her.”

Netty Robinson. Hindhead, Surrey. 2012

“I have always had pretty eyes, but as one gets older eyes lose some of their quality. Since having had my brows enhanced I am repeatedly getting compliments. I have been told that my eyes sparkle, and I have certainly noticed how my eyes have come alive and my new brows seem to have opened them up. I absolutely love my new look.”

Kerry Richards. Grayshott, Hampshire. 2012

“I was quite nervous having my eyebrows tattooed, and didn’t know what to expect. Jan soon put me at ease and I was delighted with the outcome. “

Victoria Mildenhall. Midhurst, Sussex. 2012

“I would not hesitate to recommend Jan. I am very happy with the treatment I’ve had. Prices compared competitively, and after care was excellent.”